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  • Category Staff Augmentation
  • Client Market Research Development
  • Start Date December 2022
  • Handover Ongoing
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Empowering Research, Accelerating Market Insights

Since December 2022, our staff augmentation team has been pivotal in scaling the capabilities of a leading Market Research Development firm. By seamlessly integrating our top-tier talent with their existing teams, we’ve enabled them to expand their research bandwidth and deliver richer, more comprehensive market insights. Our approach focused on providing specialized researchers and analysts who not only fit the technical needs but also the company culture, ensuring smooth collaboration and increased productivity.

  • + Research Analyst Staffing
  • + Data Science Augmentation
  • + Survey Design and Analysis
  • + Consumer Behavior Specialists
  • + Statistical Analysis Support
  • + Qualitative Research Experts
  • + Project Management Resources
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Problem &

Problem: The client needed to rapidly scale their research operations to meet the growing demand for in-depth market insights but faced challenges in finding the right blend of skills and expertise.

Solution: We provided highly skilled researchers and analysts on demand, allowing the client to flexibly scale operations and tackle complex research projects with enhanced efficiency and depth.

+ Needs Assessment
+ Talent Sourcing
+ Integration Process
+ Continuous Support

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The collaboration has led to the client's accelerated project delivery times, broader research capabilities, and the ability to undertake more complex analyses, significantly enhancing their market research offerings.